Tips on How to Improve the Comfort of Your Hotel Room

The finest hotels in the world provide accommodations that are considerably more lavish than our own bedrooms, such as the best Jacuzzi tubs and butler service. However, in some cases travelers on are more likely to find themselves in sterile business hotels all of which make the comforts of home appear far more enticing.

Try the following ways to make your hotel room more pleasant the next time you walk into less-than-welcoming surroundings:

1. Clean up your environment.

Whether at a fancy or cheap hotel in Massena, NY, it’s always a good idea to cleanse your surroundings before getting cozy. Carry a travel-sized can of Lysol spray in your baggage and lightly sprinkle the living room, bathroom spaces, and closet areas. Bring a small container of disinfecting wipes with you and clean off the doorknobs, nightstand area, TV remote control, and bathroom fixtures just to be safe.

2. Fill the room with your own unique feelings.

Now that the germs have been eradicated, it’s time to fill the hotel suite in Massena, Ny with something that gives you comfort and reminds you of home. Essential sprays, or a small oil diffuser are all good options.

3. Go along with some ear plugs.

You never know what kind of noise pollution your accommodation could have. Even if you’re staying in well established motels in Massena, NY, there’s still the possibility of annoying outside noise from nearby parties, sirens, or a particularly ecstatic couple next door.

4. Hang your clothing up as soon as possible.

If you are going to be staying in a lodging for more than a night, living out of a suitcase doesn’t exactly conjure up images of a home front. After you’ve completed the cleansing, put your clothing away in the closet, and then lay out your night clothes on the bed so they’re ready for you when you return.

5. Lay out your Toiletries

While it’s always enjoyable to use the hotel’s amenities, there’s nothing quite like using your own face creams and shampoo. Set them up in their right places in the bathroom so you don’t have to scrounge for shampoo or toothpaste in the morning. Bring your own products as well, since you never know if the soap will dry out your skin or if the conditioner will be strong enough for your curls.

6. Add some white noise at Night

Whether you’re used to the stray noises of the city or the ambient chirp of crickets in the countryside, your hotel room is unlikely to replicate your surroundings. To shut out the quiet or eliminate any outside noise, turn on the White Noise playlist.